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The Past

Nevada Democratic Party - Organization
Headquarters: 1210 S. Valley View Road, Suite 114, Las Vegas, NV 89102, 702-737-8683
updated Jan. 13, 2008

ChairpersonJill Derby
(elected March 31, 2007)  2006 Democratic nominee for Congress in Nevada's 2nd CD.  18-year member of the Board of Regents.
1st Vice Chairperson - Sam Lieberman
2nd Vice Chairperson - Theresa Benitez Thompson
Treasurer - Jan Churchill
Secretary - A'shanti Gholar

Executive DirectorTravis Brock
(announced March 29, 2007)  National field director Tom Vilsack for President.  Political director for the Iowa Democratic Party.  In Fall 2004 Brock served as state director of the Kerry-Edwards '04 Kentucky campaign (he started Aug. 1, 2004 and the campaign stayed there for about 6 weeks); he then returned to Iowa, where he served as Johnson County GOTV director for the coordinated campaign.  Brock's earlier experience includes Midwest political director at the DNC, deputy communications director for Vilsack/Pederson 2002, an organizer for the AFSCME Florida Political Organizing Project, field director for the 2000 Wisconsin Democratic Coordinated Campaign, field staff for Gore 2000, and field staff for the1998 Iowa Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign.  B.A. in communications from University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1993.

Senior AdvisorRebecca Lambe
Served as executive director of the Nevada Democratic Party starting in the first part of 2003 and directed Victory 2004, the Nevada Democratic Coordinated Campaign..  Managed U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan's (D-MO) 2002 campaign.  State director to Sen. Carnahan (D-MO), managing the five district offices.  Aide to Gov. Mel Carnahan (D-MO).  Bachelors degrees in Journalism and Political Science and a law degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Deputy Executive Director/Communications DirectorKirsten Searer
Formerly reporter for the Las Vegas Sun.  Graduate of Northwestern University.

Deputy Caucus DirectorJustin Gilbert

Political DirectorHarriet Trudell
Described by Sen. Harry Reid as "one of Nevada's living legends" in a 1996 tribute; an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that she "caucused on her front lawn" for Hubert Humphrey in 1968.  Experience includes lobbyist for Feminist Majority in Washington, DC.  Worked on Harry Reid's 1982 congressional campaign.  Ran Gov. Mike O'Callaghan's Las Vegas office during his second term (through Jan. 1979).

Operations DirectorJulie Mogensen

Deputy Communications DirectorPaul Smith

Northern Nevada Field DirectorBrian Hutchinson

Rural Nevada OrganizerCindy Trigg

Office ManagerNaomi Millisor

Presidential Caucus Staff
Caucus ConsultantJean Hessburg
(announced Dec. 12, 2006)  Executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party during the 2002 and 2004 election cycles; started there in Jan. 2002.  Previous experience includes senior vice president of programs for ProChoice Resource Center; California Director, People For the American Way Foundation; Hollywood Women’s Political Committee; and Development Director of California Human Rights Watch.  Campaign director and legislative director for Congressman Dave Nagle (D-IA).  B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa.

Caucus DirectorJayson Sime
(announced Dec. 12, 2006)  Field and canvass director at the Iowa Democratic Party in 2004; started at the IDP in June 2003 doing community outreach.  Graduate of the University of Northern Iowa.  Native of Burlington.

Outreach DirectorAndres Ramirez

Volunteer CoordinatorRichard Ponce
Clark County - Robert Disney, Rebecca Maxie, Kenya Pierce, Samantha Steelman, Scott Hollenbeck, Marco Rauda
Southern Nevada Rural - Casey Fry
Northern Nevada - Natalie Okeson, Ivy Wright-Bryan

Media ConsultantsJamal Simmons, Bill Buck and Roger Salazar
(announced Dec. 12, 2006)  Simmons and Buck of New Future Communications and Salazar of Acosta Salazar

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