Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ramirez Hatred of Trac Fone is personal

Files from West Palm Beach show that Andres Ramirez's personal vendetta against Carlos Slim and Trac Fone goes back over 14 years.

It involves Ricardo Pliego.

Ramirez worked as a lobbyist for West Palm Beach County fourteen years ago, and encountered Pliego and Carlos Slim's business establishments.

Ramirez has begun a newspaper attack on Carlos Slim this week with pathetic results.

Trac Fone is located in Miami, hence the newspaper ads in the Miami Herald.

The only elected official to receive money from Ramirez, Miami Congressman-Joe Garcia.

Ramirez actively lobbied Garcia on issues involving Trac Fone.

It is clear that Ramirez hates Trac Fone and Carlos Slim and has been obsessed in getting supporting from Grupo Salinas

Even a confidential report from Voter Research was done on Ramirez due to his actions in trying to land the Grupo Salinas contract.

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