Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ramirez worked with Univision in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008 Nevada Caucus

d influence in the community in other ways.
Moreover, the party even took the voting itself to the worksites of a large number of Latino voters
by holding at-large caucuses in the hotels where the party knew many Latinos would be working on
a Saturday morning. This took substantial negotiation with the hotels, and as it turned out, Andres
Ramirez says hotel management actually responded very positively to these efforts and tried their
best to be cooperative, even though it was not necessarily good for business. After all, the party was
counting on many of the hotel and casino workers to depart their work duties in large numbers on a
Saturday. Nonetheless, the party was able to hold training sessions for management about how the
caucuses would work, and employers sent memos to all staff about participating. For instance, Nine
Group, a company that owns many of the properties at the Palms, held a mandatory all-staff
meeting to learn about the process and to let the employees know that the hotel would stop
operating, if necessary, for the period of caucusing on caucus d

 news station Univision put the staff of the Latino outreach
effort on the air at least once a week. Univision reported on the caucus everyday. This prompted
viewer questions, and Univision had the outreach staff answer those questions on the air. The staff
was also often on the television station Telemundo. El Tiempo Libre, the largest Spanish newspaper
in the state, had a column in every edition for months leading up to the caucus talking about it, and
published a multi-page insert with all the information a voter would need to participate shortly
before caucus day.
Broadening and deepening

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