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Ramirez worked with Univision in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008 Nevada Caucus

d influence in the community in other ways.
Moreover, the party even took the voting itself to the worksites of a large number of Latino voters
by holding at-large caucuses in the hotels where the party knew many Latinos would be working on
a Saturday morning. This took substantial negotiation with the hotels, and as it turned out, Andres
Ramirez says hotel management actually responded very positively to these efforts and tried their
best to be cooperative, even though it was not necessarily good for business. After all, the party was
counting on many of the hotel and casino workers to depart their work duties in large numbers on a
Saturday. Nonetheless, the party was able to hold training sessions for management about how the
caucuses would work, and employers sent memos to all staff about participating. For instance, Nine
Group, a company that owns many of the properties at the Palms, held a mandatory all-staff
meeting to learn about the process and to let the employees know that the hotel would stop
operating, if necessary, for the period of caucusing on caucus d

 news station Univision put the staff of the Latino outreach
effort on the air at least once a week. Univision reported on the caucus everyday. This prompted
viewer questions, and Univision had the outreach staff answer those questions on the air. The staff
was also often on the television station Telemundo. El Tiempo Libre, the largest Spanish newspaper
in the state, had a column in every edition for months leading up to the caucus talking about it, and
published a multi-page insert with all the information a voter would need to participate shortly
before caucus day.
Broadening and deepening

  1. Azteca taps sales prexy | Variety
    Nov 5, 2003 - ... and Univision, which is partially owned by Azteca rival Televisa. ... of Grupo Salinas, headed by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, which also owns TV ...

Ramirez since 2008

a Latina 2008 to Air on Azteca America Friday, June 20 At 8 pm / 7 pm CDT

LOS ANGELES, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Agenda Latina 2008, an issues forumsponsored by Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca America and Azteca AmericaColorado, will be broadcast nationally on Friday, June 20 at 8:00 pm PDT andEDT / 7:00 pm CDT on Spanish-language broadcast television network AztecaAmerica. The program will also be available as a simultaneous webcast at .
"Our goal is to inform, motivate and empower Latinos to become politicallyaware and active in discussing relevant issues, including the economy, health,education, immigration and the Latino vote," said Luis J. Echarte, Chairman ofFundacion Azteca America.
The program includes Latino community positions from top nationalleadership of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, Labor Councilfor Latin American Advancement, Southwest Voter Registration EducationProject, National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO),National Council of La Raza, NDN, Republican National Hispanic Assembly andVoto Latino.
The program will be moderated by Noticiero Azteca America WashingtonCorrespondent and Issues: Caras and Voces host, Armando Guzman; together withColorado radio broadcaster Fernando Sergio from Denver's Radio Que Bueno; andNancy Agosto, Los Angeles Correspondent of Noticiero Azteca America.
Participants include Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and U.S. Senator KenSalazar, as well as a distinguished list of panelists, including: SouthwestVoter Registration Education Project Vice President Lydia Camarillo,Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute Executive Director Octavio A.Hinojosa Mier, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement Executive DirectorGabriela D. Lemus, National Council of La Raza Director of Immigration andNational Campaigns Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Voto Latino Executive DirectorMaria Teresa Petersen, NDN Vice President Hispanic Programs Andres Ramirez,National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials ExecutiveDirector Arturo Vargas, and Republican National Hispanic Assembly NationalChairman Raul Danny Vargas, in addition to special guests Tiempo LatinoAssociate Publisher Alberto Avendano and Democratic Party Vice Chair AlexRooker.
About Fundacion Azteca America
Fundacion Azteca America is a non-profit organization dedicated toimproving the quality of life for members of the Hispanic community currentlyin the U.S.
For more information, visit .Fundacion Azteca America, Fundacion Azteca, Azteca America and TV Azteca arecompanies of Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas. For more information, visit and . Alsocheck out .
About Grupo Salinas
About Azteca America Colorado
Azteca America Colorado broadcasts Spanish-language programming to citiesalong Colorado's Front Range -- check your local listings. Azteca AmericaColorado is owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies, which owns KMGH Denver's 7 andtelevision stations in Bakersfield, CA; San Diego, CA and Indianapolis, IN.The McGraw-Hill Companies is a leading global information services providermeeting worldwide needs in the financial services, education and business-information markets through leading brands such as Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, Business Week and J.D. Power and Associates. Find AztecaAmerica Colorado online at .
SOURCE Grupo Salinas; Fundacion Azteca America; Azteca America Colorado

Andres, Ro Khanna did not get the memo


Ro Khanna

Andres Ramirez ran his campaign in 2004

Ro was supportive of Carlos Slim

Andres, don't you get it, you even worked against your own clients

Ramirez Hatred of Trac Fone is personal

Files from West Palm Beach show that Andres Ramirez's personal vendetta against Carlos Slim and Trac Fone goes back over 14 years.

It involves Ricardo Pliego.

Ramirez worked as a lobbyist for West Palm Beach County fourteen years ago, and encountered Pliego and Carlos Slim's business establishments.

Ramirez has begun a newspaper attack on Carlos Slim this week with pathetic results.

Trac Fone is located in Miami, hence the newspaper ads in the Miami Herald.

The only elected official to receive money from Ramirez, Miami Congressman-Joe Garcia.

Ramirez actively lobbied Garcia on issues involving Trac Fone.

It is clear that Ramirez hates Trac Fone and Carlos Slim and has been obsessed in getting supporting from Grupo Salinas

Even a confidential report from Voter Research was done on Ramirez due to his actions in trying to land the Grupo Salinas contract.

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Anyone check out Miami Herald

Ramirez using the name again on a two bit ad on the Miami Herald site


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Andres Ramirez and the Ameritus Corporation

Change of Plans - According to one of the burglary team (seeApril-June 1972), Eugenio Martinez, the original plan centers on a fake “banquet” in the Watergate hotel for their fake company, the Ameritus Corporation, to be held in a private dining room that has access to the elevators. While te

Watergate Burglars did it, why Not Andres?


Ramirez gets a call, create a group and call it Two Countries One Voice

This is what he did

The Fiber Layer

Paid 35 dollars each

Shock Absorption Layer, the Phony Organization

Crazies recruited from all over the country

The Layer Impervious to Truth

The sugar daddy

It is beginning to stink, Andres!


rary degree from George Washington University during its graduation ceremony.  The coalition, Two Countries One Voice, is committed to exposing Slim’s monopolistic practices with which he has amassed his fortune.



Margarita Rebollal
Executive Director, Community Services of Nevada

REBOLLAL is listed in the press release by 


we just called Ms. Rebollal

her response

"Who is Carlos Slim?"

Ramirez used her name without permission for Two Countries One Voice