Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Andres Ramirez and the Ameritus Corporation

Change of Plans - According to one of the burglary team (seeApril-June 1972), Eugenio Martinez, the original plan centers on a fake “banquet” in the Watergate hotel for their fake company, the Ameritus Corporation, to be held in a private dining room that has access to the elevators. While te

Watergate Burglars did it, why Not Andres?


Ramirez gets a call, create a group and call it Two Countries One Voice

This is what he did

The Fiber Layer

Paid 35 dollars each

Shock Absorption Layer, the Phony Organization

Crazies recruited from all over the country

The Layer Impervious to Truth

The sugar daddy

It is beginning to stink, Andres!

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