Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fox at the Henhouse, the Unethical Employment of State Senator Ruben Kihuen


State Senator by day

Lobbyist by night!

Meet Ruben Kihuen of Ramirez Group

He is also the chief legislative strategist for the Nevada's Ramirez Group

a registered lobbying firm

At least he saves on correspondence!!

Kihuen managed to spend thousands to help Magdelena Carrasco of San Jose

ex wife of Kevin deLeon

Now that is ok.

I suppose

but what we need to ask since the Ramirez group developed a phony community group, Two Countries One Voice, what was Kihuen's role??

Yep, Kihuen allegedly solicited money for his campaign from wireless groups and from groups doing business in Mexico

at least five Kihuen contributors did business in Mexico and at least one Kihuen contributor has done business with Mercury Public Affairs.

Conflict of interest??

You tell me

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