Thursday, December 4, 2014

Did Andres Ramirez of Nevada violate Nevada State Ethics Laws in creating Two Countries One Voice on behalf of deLeon and Mercury Public Affairs?

On Monday, a complaint has been prepared for the Nevada Commission on Ethics alleging that Andres Ramirez violated Nevada State Lobbying Laws in creating Two Countries, One Voice in 2012

Andres Ramirez, a registered lobbyist in Nevada used Ramirez Group funds to operate Two Countries One Voice, a astroturfed group in 2012

Roger Salazar, formerly of Mercury Public Affairs, a long time associate and partner of Andres Ramirez is being named as a witness in the Nevada complaint, cross filed with the FPPC.

In an interview today, Salazar denied a relationship with Ramirez

Ramirez is on his twitter account and also Ramirez worked with Salazar in the Nevada Democratic Party

Ramirez's lobbying firm used company funds to rent a room for Two Countries One Voice in Washington

Two Countries One Voice

May 8, 2012 12:30 PM
News conferences Add to calendar
Location: Lisagor Room

For More Information On This Event, Please Contact:
Andres Ramirez

Juan Gutierez former employer of Andres Ramirez, Fabian Nunez of Mercury Public Affairs, and Kevin deLeon, helped Ramirez set up this scam

Guttierez claims to be a lawyer

Though he is not listed in the roster of the state bar

Kevin de Leon

Also named in the complaint will be State Senator Kevin deLeon who arranged for clients of Salazar to contribute to his ex wife, Magadelena Carrasco, who has direct ties to Two Countries One Voice, the Latino Caucus, a client of Salazar, and received several thousand dollars from Mercury Public Affairs, their clients, and Vamos Unidos, headed by Guttirez

Roger Salazar, a former spokesman for President Bill Clinton and Gov. Gray Davis, is leaving Mercury Public Affairs to open his own firm. Mercury separately announced today hiring two new staff for its Sacramento office.
Salazar's new firm, Alza Strategies, will provide media relations, crisis communication and public affairs services to clients that want to reach California's Latino market. The Legislature'sLatino Caucus Leadership PAC and the Agua Caliente Indian tribe are among Alza's clients, Salazar said.

One former DNC member from California comments about complaint,

"Salazar and Ramirez worked together all the time, and this 'Two Countries Group' was astroturfed for money!"

Forbes Magazine has written extensively on the fees paid protesters by Ramirez out of his company's coffers, thirty five dollars a protester and unlimited travel expenses.

Gutierez has done work for lobbying firms before, and the FBI did search the offices of Salazar clients.

FBI has received correspondence about Ramirez and Salazar based on this pending complaint

Roger Salazar's comments?

Everyone can play their games, I am not changing anything.

The view of many violator of ethics laws.

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